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Law of Attraction Misunderstandings

on August 25, 2015

Last time I talked about the law of attraction (LoA) and why I believed in it. For me it wasn’t hard to believe in because I had always had a similar belief deep down. So The Secret opened up the world of LoA to me and I am very grateful to have discovered it so young.

Now some of you may have heard about this universal law (most likely from the same source as me) and immediately disregarded it as rubbish. Some may have given it a try and then disregarded it as rubbish. And still there are some who want to believe but have a lot of doubt in their minds. That is all completely understandable.

The Secret, although a blessing to many and a well intentioned book/movie, leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It in a way summarizes the law of attraction and so people only get a small sample of information. That may be more than enough for some and not enough for others. It could have been that author Rhonda Byrne wanted to simplify for others or that is her perception of the law.

In The Secret there are three steps to getting, being and doing whatever it is you desire: ask, believe and receive.

Ask: ask the Universe for what you desire. A lot of people may see this as ” okay then, I want a million dollars. Give me my millions Universe” (note the heavy sarcasm)

Believe: believe that you will have what you had asked for. You may visualize, have vision boards, do affirmations to help you believe. And the skeptics say “So now that I asked for our million dollars, I’m just supposed to sit at home all day, thinking happy thoughts about being a millionaire. Maybe make a vision board with pictures of money or something. Sure”

Receive: now this is the point where we get all that we asked for and believed. In the example I was using above, one might expect to win the lottery at this point. So when that doesn’t happen, the skeptic says “I knew it. This was a load of BS”.

But now there were destined to fail from the start. Asking for something is not necessarily asking out loud or writing it down. There are times when our desires for things exist and we may not even be aware of it. A desire can be created in an instant and in the instant you have asked for something. For example you’re walking through town one day and you see nice car drive by and think “wow I’d like a nice car like that”.

When we’re told to believe, no one is asking us to go into denial. We are not told to be delusional. Don’t pretend to be a millionaire and spend like a millionaire when you know you may not even be able to pay rent this month. But when we’re asked to believe we must truly believe that what we want is possible…you don’t even need to believe you’re going to win the lottery tomorrow but you believe that it’s possible for you to become a millionaire at some point in your life. That little glimmer of hope already has you pointed in the right direction.

Furthermore visualizing, affirmations, vision boards etc are not how the manifestation works. There are not a must but they are tools to help you believe. So if spending all of your time visualizing doesn’t help you believe then don’t. If putting in more hours at your office helps you believe then do that. It’s all about fostering the belief. Feeling good about what you asked for.

And last to tackle is receive. When we ask for something we all have this idea of how it’s going to go. Example I want a relationship. I want it to be with Mr. X, I want us to meet at this place and this is how we start dating. Now when Mr X doesn’t give you the time of day, you’ll say the law of attraction didn’t work. But it did. It always does. It’s giving you what you want and what you believe (collectively called your vibration). So if what you want is a passionate fun relationship and what you believe is no good looking guy wants you and all relationships are boring. Well that’s what you’re going to get. Good looking Mr X won’t want you and boring Mr Y will be madly in love with you.

So when we receiving we should let the Universe decide what’s best. Because there are an infinite number of ways we can get what we asked for and we can only think of a few.

So that was my take on some misunderstandings with the law of attraction as it relates to The Secret. 

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of this blog!


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