Shine Your Light

Law of Attraction 101

on August 22, 2015

I have always been a positive person. I have always had an interested in personal development and self help books and information for some strange reason. Additionally I have always believed that there was some ultimate power with our minds that we, as humans, were not aware of (*whisper* psychic powers).

So when I came across The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it was not hard at all for me to believe all that the movie (and book) had to say. Before coming across it I had been looking at the power of the mind to change physical appearance and help with injuries and such so I was already under the impression that our minds had power.

And as I went through the movie I could think of many “coincidences” that could have been attributed to the Law of Attraction (surprise…That’s the secret). For example I’d be on my way to class with a few minutes left before class would start and it would seem like I’d run into every delay possible as I was worrying about being late, reprimanding myself for not leaving earlier etc. There was once when the bus I was on stalled…twice. But then I’d try to soothe myself “it’s alright, I might be early still…the teacher might be late” and so on and I’d always arrive on time. There were other incidences like when I’d day dream about a particular meal at school and go home to find that’s what I had for lunch.

So I may have been rambling. I do that a lot, but you get the point. I believed in the secret right off the bat. And I started trying to actively use it. I managed to get $50 out of the blue after asking for it, at my part time job I got the 8-4 shift and I was the only part timer on that shift, I got A’s in most of my classes and when I felt negatively about a class I got B’s (not a good manifestation but proof that our thoughts play a part).

Now I know at this point, some skeptics may be rolling their eyes and calling this delusional thinking and my evidence “coincidences” and I can totally understand why. As I went deeper into learning about the Law of Attraction (LoA) I realized that The Secret just tried to summarize it (the LoA) and a lot of people walked away with misunderstandings. I’ve received answers to a lot of misunderstandings actually so I trust the process even more now. Later on I will explain the misunderstandings and the answers I have found in another blog post.


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